Discover the luxury villas of AKASHA, a real estate project signed SAFRAN IMMOBILIER – LANDCORP CAPITAL in TAMARIN on the west coast of Mauritius.

Beyond a simple real estate investment in Mauritius, the AKASHA Property Development Scheme (PDS) offers you a collection of benefits related to this paradise island.

The real estate project of the prestigious AKASHA villas is nestled in a magical place next to the Tamarina golf at the entrance of Tamarin, in the west of Mauritius, bordered by the Rempart River which gives access to the sea.
It is an exceptional place, a true paradise overlooking the nature at its highest point of almost 30 meters high and descending on the gently sloping river to reach the sea of Tamarin Bay.
This place instills tranquility and the sweetness of life in Mauritius as a protected haven with the sea for horizon surrounded by lush vegetation. The natural relief of the land naturally delineates the location of the luxurious "Village" villas, the "Mountain" villas, or the prestigious "River" villas from top to bottom.
Each set of villas more luxurious than the others are placed perfectly in scenery that seems to have been especially designed for this project, while respecting the intimacy of each and every one living in its secluded tropical sanctuary.
The prestigious villas of Akasha are nestled in a magical place, at the entrance of Tamarin, on the west coast of Mauritius. Bordered by the Tamarina golf course and the Rempart River offering access to the sea and forming a striking natural peninsula of beauty.
This unique site, a real paradise, overhangs 30 meters of lush nature and descends gently towards the river that flows peacefully to the mythical bay of Tamarin. AKASHA is 25 ha of nature to be discover on walk, bike or electric cart as the movement of polluting vehicles will be limited in this luxurious residential area.
Resolutely adherent to a sustainable development approach, this unique real estate project perfectly combines quality of life and harmony with nature.
In this protective setting with the sea for horizon and tropical vegetation as a backdrop, the tranquility and sweetness of life in Mauritius take their true dimension. The natural relief of the land dictated the location of the magnificent Village villas, the sublime Mountain villas or the prestigious Corniche villas.
Each islet of these villas more luxurious than the other fits harmoniously in a landscape that seems to have been designed exclusively for this project. Playing with the uneven topography and offering paradisiacal views, the design of the villas respects the privacy of each and allows you to enjoy a true tropical Eden. Attention to detail in the organization of the living spaces and the quality of the finishes reflect the level of excellence desired by the developer.

The guarantees offered by this French developer renowned for the quality of his achievements are guarantees of safety and durability.

All AKASHA villas will be freehold and give access to the Mauritian residency. In addition to local shops accessible by bike or cart, AKASHA will, in the near future, benefit of all the services of the future smart-city of Tamarin thus offering even more facilities. All you have to do is choose a 3, 4 or 5 bedroom model; a single-storey or a one-level villa depending on your lifestyle preferences..

To buy your new villa in Mauritius with confidence, welcome to AKASHA.

In Hindu mythology,
Akasha refers to the original beauty
of the world…

Here it takes the form of a magical place, a peninsula of 25 ha bordered by the Rempart river and accessible by a private bridge. On this plant promontory overlooking the mythical bay of Tamarin, discover a project that lives up to your dreams…


Today, this project becomes a reality …


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