Because the purchase of a house,
on on plans must not be a gamble,
Safran and Landcorp Capitalbring you
all the necessary insurances:

The experience of SAFRAN IMMOBILIER resulting from the realization of numerous projects of luxurious standards is translated on several levels:

  • In the choice of construction techniques: by holding on to already proven constructive processes, the implementation is easier and the risk of damage limited.
  • In the choice of construction standards: this is how AKASHA will be built in compliance with French regulations, which are more restrictive than local standards.
  • From the design stage, a HQE (High Quality Environmental Standard) engineer intervenes to optimize the environmental impact of the construction, during the construction and during operation, in particular to control energy consumption.
  • In the choice of construction companies: selected for their ability to meet their commitments in terms of time and quality of completion.
  • In the choice of finishing touches: the permanent search for materials combining aesthetics and reliability, the high-end services of villas AKASHA villas enhance and sustain your investment.
  • Through the constant presence of the SAFRAN IMMOBILIER technical team on site to control the quality of the project.
  • Through the intervention of the VERITAS international control office which validates all regulatory aspects and ensures compliance with construction standards.

Akasha villas benefit from thermal
performance well above the standards in force, ensuring a substantial gain in electricity consumption related to air conditioning .


• Homeowners benefit from a 10-year property and casualty insurance that covers all claims affecting solidity and waterproofness.

The completion guarantee, issued by the SBM bank, ensures the completion of the owner’s property in accordance with the deed of sale, in the event of default by the promoter.

But the best way to judge the quality of our construction is to visit the model villa on site (completion April 2018).