6 March 2019

What are the technical guarantees applicable to the PDS?

The PDS – Property Development Scheme – involves two key points: subject to rules concerning the respect of the environment, it devises buildings and common areas […]
19 October 2018
Avancement travaux Akasha Septembre 2018

Choosing your real estate program in Mauritius

Buying a property is usually a lifetime investment. It is a decision to be made knowledgeably, especially if you are a foreigner. Beyond the dream geographical […]
28 September 2018

Buying a new home in Mauritius: the guarantees and steps to follow

The legal framework of an integrated real estate development scheme allows foreigners to buy a residence on any property. But in all the cases of purchase […]
10 August 2018
Fiscalité à Maurice

The Mauritian taxation

Mauritius and France have signed a bilateral tax treaty on 11 December 1980 to eradicate double taxation on income and wealth. In addition to France, some […]
30 June 2018

How to become a resident in Mauritius?

A single visit to the island is usually enough to feel like living there. But to enjoy the warm climate and the paradisiacal beaches year-round, the […]
22 May 2018
Invertir dans le programme immobilier de luxe Akasha

Invest in real estate in Mauritius

The Mauritian authorities have allowed foreigners via the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS) in 2002, the Real Estate Scheme (RES) in 2007 and the Integrated Hotel Scheme […]